However you spell it, Hevron, Hebron, Chevron, Chebron, this is the Biblical City of the founders of the Jewish Nation! Hebron is the first Jewish city in the land of Israel, home of our patriarchs and matriarchs — Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and Sarah, Rebecca and Leah. King David ruled from Hebron for more than seven years before moving the capital to Jerusalem.

Join Chabad Shliach, Rabbi Danny Cohen, who lives in the city of Hevron, with his wife and children, for the fascinating first person account of life on the frontlines of Jewish History - Past, Present and Future.

Monday night, November 21, 8:00pm. 
At the Chabad Center, 770 High Ridge Road, Stamford

No charge - Your RSVP is appreciated

203 3 CHABAD | [email protected]

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